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Animal Chiropractic

Dr. Tyler
Smith has been certified animal chiropractor through the American
Veterinarian Chiropractic Association (AVCA) since 2006.  Dr. Tyler will
work closely with your Vet, Ferrier, Trainer or Equine Dentist to

 achieve the best health and performance for your animal.  His clients
include barrel and roping horses, agility dogs, show animals of all
kinds as well as family pets.

Just like humans, both young and old animals can benefit from chiropractic care with decreased pain,
more energy and improved sports performance. Your animal may benefit
from Chiropractic Care if he or she has the following problems:

  •  Decreased performance
  •  Behavioral Changes
  •  Short Striding, over-reaching, cross-firing, toe drag, stumbling, uneven shoe wear
  •  Refusing turns, patterns, jumps, leads or loss of collection
  •  Abnormal posture when standing or sitting
  •  Loss of wind capacity
  •  Holding tail to one side
  •  Injuries from falls, training or other activities
  •  Diagnosed conditions such as degenerative arthritis
  •  Chronic disease conditions, multiple repetitive infections or weak immune system

American Bucking Bull Feature: