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Smith Family Chiropractic

At Smith Family Chiropractic our initial exam includes an extensive postural analysis, spinal
examination, coretrength and flexibility testing, along with other
diagnostic tests required to determine the source of dysfunction in the
body.  We treat the patient through chiropractic adjustments, proper
nutrition, spinal & core muscle strengthening exercises.  At Smith
Family Chiropractic, maintenance is just as important as pain relief.
Health is not just about lack of symptoms, it is about 
the body systems functioning optimally and cohesively.


live our lives through our nervous systems. We see, hear, taste, feel,
move, regulate body temperature, and fight off colds because of our
nervous systems. The spinal column protects the nervous system and
requires proper movement and correct alignment to allow it to function
optimally, which ultimately allows you to function at your best!

Chiropractic care can include:

•Chiropractic Adjustments & Nerve System Correction

•Physical Therapy Rehabilitation & Modalities

•Postural Restoration & Correction 

•Core muscle strengthening and flexibility

Smith Family Chiropractic is in network with most major insurance companies.  Appointments available from 8 – 5:30 weekdays.


About Our Doctors

Tyler & Rebecca Smith are passionate about good health and wellness
not just for their patients, but for the patient’s entire families as
well.  They believe true wellness is a life long journey that includes
eating well, thinking well and moving well! 

Wellness continues to seek out the best ways to bring health and
wellness to the people of Western Oklahoma. Dr. Tyler is one of 4
CrossFit Level 1 certified coaches on staff because he understands that
fitness is a vital part of Health and Wellness. Dr. Tyler knows that
anyone can benefit from strong flexible core muscles used in the
functional movements that we ALL use in our day to day life. Functional
fitness enables us to LIVE LIFE to a higher degree and benefits you in
EVERYTHING you do from household chores to upper level athletics. 

Tyler is certified and an active member of the American Veterinarian
Chiropractic Association. He specializes in the adjustment of
performance horses, show animals of various species, house pets, bucking
bulls, and was featured in American Bucking Bull Magazine.

Tyler was born and raised in Elk City, Oklahoma and serves the Western
Oklahoma community as a firefighter/paramedic and rescue diver for the
Elk City Fire Department where he has served for 6 years.



therapy offers clients more than just relaxation of the body and mind.
It provides a variety of health-related benefits, including physical and
emotional wellness, and is often used to treat patients with conditions
like arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome, headache, low-back pain and
neck pain. Massage therapy increases blood flow to tense and fatigued
muscles and creates balance, relaxation and normal muscle tone. 

                     Cost: $50.00 (60 minutes)                         

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